The reality is that practically no one has a set of perfectly functioning natural teeth.

In most people this causes no significant problems during life, for some however an imperfectly functioning dentition can cause damage to the jaw joints resulting in clicking, locking or joint pain (this is a progressive deterioration without treatment). In others, the result may be clenching of the teeth, causing toothaches, muscle pain and even migraine. Others may grind their teeth, resulting in destruction of the teeth – front and back.

The cause of all these problems is usually the same, just the individual response varies. The key to helping with these issues lies in really understanding how the teeth should fit together and function, and interact with the muscles and jaw joints (this is very much the cornerstone of Complete Dentistry and the Dawson philosophy – functional harmony). As a result of our advanced training, we are able to diagnose the cause of these problems, and either provide the correct choice of dental splint to manage the problem, or reshape the teeth to help solve the problem.

“We are astounded at the life changing results we have achieved for our patients who, in some cases have been experiencing problems, that have affected them for many years.”

Dawson Academy Dentistry

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