Dark, Discoloured Teeth

Tooth whitening is a simple procedure completed at home or in-surgery with excellent long term results which do not harm your teeth..

Discoloured Fillings

Fillings in back teeth can be made practically invisible with cosmetic fillings. Old metal fillings in back teeth can be replaced with white fillings or ceramic inlays.

Missing Teeth or Gaps

If you have missing teeth or unsightly gaps in your teeth these can be filled with cosmetic dentures, bridges or dental implants with natural looking results.

Misshapen Teeth

Can be straightened and whitened with cosmetic veneers, metal-free cosmetic crowns or invisible braces.

Old Discoloured Crowns

If you are concerned by the discolouration of your dental crowns then we can replace these with the latest metal-free eMax or Lava crowns.

False Looking Dentures

If you have old dentures that fit badly or look false then these can we often be replaced with natural feeling, cosmetic dentures or possibly replaced completely with fixed bridgework. We can replace old or loose dentures with a bridge or metal based denture that is stronger, tighter, more comfortable and less damaging to your gums. For the ultimate in stability we can provide implant retained dentures or bridgework.

Steve Lomas is one of our most highly qualified cosmetic dentists here at the Old Surgery Dental Practice.

During 2010, Steve completed an Advanced Aesthetic Dentistry course with the prestigious Tipton Training Academy, this has led to him receiving the award of a Certificate in Aesthetic Dentistry.

Steve was also delighted to go on and be given the accolade of “Dentists of the Year 2010” by the academy. Steve has also been awarded the PG Dip Rest Dent in 2012, he is one of just a handful of UK dentists to have completed the full Dawson Academy programme.

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