At The Old Surgery we are just as meticulous about our general dentistry as our specialty dentistry.

It is important to remember that the vast majority of the population simply require and deserve really good general dentistry. We believe in doing the basics very well, with the focus on oral health and prevention, and of course paying proper attention to detail and patients needs when treatment is required.

Q: Do you have bleeding, red or swollen gums?

A: Modern periodontal treatment with our experienced hygienists can ensure trouble free, healthy gums.

Q: Do you regularly need fillings due to dental decay?

A: Rather than simply continue to drill your teeth, we can diagnose the causes of the decay and assist you to make simple life changes that will prevent you getting further decay.

Q: Are you concerned over the freshness of your breath?

A: We can advise you on the simple steps that will successfully treat breath malodour, enabling you to be confident and enjoy fresh breath.

Q: Do you have teeth or fillings that are regularly breaking?

A: Simple assessment of your bite will enable us to prevent further problems and restore the elements of your bite that naturally protect your teeth.

Q: Do you suffer from sensitive teeth?

A: We can simply diagnose the causes of your sensitivity and desensitise your teeth with painless techniques.

Q: Do you play regular contact sports?

A: We can supply a custom-made gum shield, worn by professional players to protect your teeth.

Q: Do you suffer from snoring?

A: We can make custom-made snore guards to help aid a restful night’s sleep.

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