We would be really pleased to welcome your child to The Old Surgery. These days, we try to match the dentistry to the child. We do not always need to fill or remove decayed teeth. We will always discuss the way forward with you both.

Your child’s experience matters more to us than making perfect fillings. We would like to get to know your child before they have any decay or broken teeth…. in fact, as soon as they have teeth.

Building child confidence

Before your visit, tell your child that the dentist will give them a ride in the special chair and count their teeth. If you, or an older sibling are confident at the dentist, then let the younger child watch this first. Please don’t say “it won’t hurt”- because that suggests it might!

Making the dentist fun

Promising toys or money puts pressure on children to perform, and raises the stakes if more visits are recommended! If you yourself find dentistry difficult, you might like to bring your child to our popular Childrens’ Days, where staff are geared to entertain. (Think ‘school fete’ rather than ‘doctor’s surgery’.)

Putting your child at ease

It is harder if your child’s first visit is booked for toothache, but all is not lost: we can often give “laughing gas” to aid relaxation, and cream to numb the gum before placing anaesthetics.

Take Good Care

What you and your children do to look after their teeth, will matter more than anything a dentist can do. Good brushing and sugar-free snacks are the keys to a great smile. Adjacent are a few links that we think may be helpful to you and the oral health of your children.

We would love to see you and your children at practice!!

Useful Links

(Advice about Good Food Choices)

(British Dental Health Foundation advice about Fluoride)

(British Dental Association information about the mouth, useful for school projects)

Next Children’s Dentistry Day | Friday 23rd February 2018

Children’s Days in 2018

Friday 23rd February 2018
Friday 6th April 2018
Friday 1st June 2018

Bring your children for their NHS dental check-up during school holidays, have some fun and take the stress out of their dental health.

Face Painting
Staff in Fancy Dress

Children’s Day at the Old Surgery Dental Practice is available to existing patients and those who would like to visit us for the first time

Call: (01270) 587 820 or (01270) 256 884 to book an appointment and come and share in the fun!

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