State-of-the-art Digital Impressions

The Cadent iTero Digital Impressions System had made digital dentistry a reality.

Using the very latest digital scanning technology, Cadent iTero creates a “virtual impression” that eliminates all conventional impression technique problems including voids, pulls, and tears.

iTero puts an end to all tray issues like delamination and tray impingement. iTero ensures adequate preps and clear margins.

Cadent iTero

Patients experience a comfortable alternative to traditional impressions while you enhance your reputation as high-quality practice.

Using iTero’s CAD software, Castle Ceramics Dental Lab designs the framework for precision fit restorations or approves model-work for metal free restorations.

Models are milled at Cadent iTero’s Service Centre and delivered to Castle Ceramics Dental Lab along with milled copings for aesthetic ceramic layering and finishing.

The end result? Superior fit with little or no adjusting, and greater patient satisfaction.

What our dentists say about Cadent iTero…

“Working with the i-Tero is absolutely fantastic. We always believed we used the best impression techniques and materials, and that our crown and bridgework fitted superbly. But, the i-Tero has taken everything to an entirely superior level. The quality of the images and models produced by scanning are perfect, and the end result is crowns and bridges that do fit perfectly.”

“Previously, with conventional impression techniques it was nigh on impossible to get a perfectly precise impression when working on several teeth, now I can scan 6,8, 10 even 12 teeth, and know the fit will be right. The result is less stress for the dentist, and less time in the chair having adjustments for the patients.”

“There are very few of these machines in the UK, and we are delighted to have invested in this technology – we know your crowns and bridges will really fit! But most importantly -what do our patients think? They are thrilled to be able to have impression free crowns and bridges. In fact it is so popular with one of our patients that they travel from The Isle of Man for treatment!”

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