Nobel BiocareSame Day Teeth – All on Four – a fantastic solution for patients requiring removal of their remaining teeth, or an alternative to an already existing full denture.

Sometimes no amount of clever dental treatment can save someone’s teeth in the short or medium term, and the decision that removal of the remaining upper or lower teeth is the only pragmatic option.

Teeth AfterTeeth Before

Traditionally, the removal of teeth would often result in several visits to the dentist to make a provisional denture to be inserted on the day the remaining teeth are extracted. The provisional denture, which is a best guess fit, is sometimes loose and uncomfortable.

Modifications and adjustments are made to the denture over a period of six months whilst the jaw bone heals and reshapes before a more permanent removable full denture is made, or implants are placed to secure a dentures. This journey usually takes around 6 months.

Our team at The Old Surgery are delighted to be able to offer a great alternative – Same Day Teeth. A fixed retained set of teeth that will not come out, and is completed in one treatment visit.

Prior to treatment a CT scan is carried out to assess the jaw bone, to plan for the best position of implant placement.

On the day of treatment any remaining teeth are removed and Dr Amit Mistry will place implants in to the positions determined by the CT scan.

This takes roughly two to three hours and sedation would be required.

Whilst recovering from the surgery, our Clinical Dental technician (CDT) makes an acrylic bridge which is screwed onto the new implants, usually around mid-afternoon.

Same Day Smiles

So in one treatment visit, you arrive with loose decayed or unsightly teeth and go home a few hours later with a securely fixed new smile.

This initial acrylic plastic fixed bridge remains in place for six months, whilst the gums heal and the implants fully integrate into the jaw bone.

Then a series of usually four visits are arranged and the acrylic bridge is exchanged for a final fixed bridge, supported within a sturdy titanium framework to provide strength.

Advantages of Same Day Teeth

The greatest advantage is that this can be done on a single day with the tooth extractions and implant placement avoiding the need to wear temporary dentures during the healing period. The teeth are fixed in with small titanium screws so no movement, rocking or embarrassing slipping normally associated with traditional immediate dentures.

This treatment can be life changing for patients and in some cases make a dramatic improvement to their appearance.

Please contact for more details note this treatment options is not available for patients who smoke, as the risk of implant failure is significantly increased by smoking.

Visit 1

  • Any necessary extractions of remaining teeth, Implant Placement (normally 4)
  • Provision of a laboratory made temporary acrylic bridge

Same Day

Treatment Cost:
from £8400

(N.B. Same Day Teeth prices stated above are per arch)

Visit 2

  • Provision of permanent bespoke bridge (Acrylic, Composite or Zirconia).

Usually 6 Months Later

Treatment Cost: from

(N.B. Same Day Teeth prices stated above are per arch)

Zygomatic Implants

Where people are not initially suitable for dental implants, there are several options including sinus lift, bone grafting and the use of “Zygomatic Implants”.

What is a Zygomatic Implant?

Zygomatic implants are slightly longer and attach to the cheek bone rather than the jaw bone to secure the tooth.

They allow patients to avoid the need for additional surgery associated with sinus lifts and bone grafting.

Dr Amit Mistry has undergone extensive post-graduate training and education in the field of dental implantology, from the very basic levels to advanced surgical and restorative cases.

About Dr Amit Mistry

Amit is one of just a handful of dentists in the UK qualified to carry out zygomatic surgery, offering life changing options to his patients. He has extensive experience in surgical grafting of bone, plastic surgery of the gums and the provision of teeth on the same day. Attaining the very best possible aesthetic and confidence boosting results for his patients is paramount.

Qualifying from the University of Manchester in 2001, and was awarded his Royal College of Surgeons Membership in 2003.Amit further enhanced his surgical training during his time as a junior surgeon and later Senior Grade Surgeon, at Blackburn Royal Infirmary, which is renowned for the quality of its academic and teaching staff in Oral and Maxillofacial surgery. Amit has treated extremely compromised cases such as trauma reconstructions which routinely requiring advanced surgical procedures such as complex bone grafting.

Amit finds teaching very rewarding; he is the lead clinician on the Tipton Training implant course which is one of the best known and largest implant postgraduate courses in the UK. His lectures and hands on training help delegates to master the basics of dental implantology, progressing through to advanced surgical and prosthetic techniques, including sinus lifting, block grafting and full mouth implant cases.

As well as teaching, Amit is actively engaged in learning new methods, enhancing established techniques and embracing new technology which will improve the quality of the surgical procedures he does and he regularly passes this knowledge on to the dentists he teaches.

Amit is also a recognised and experienced mentor for Nobel Biocare and is also involved with the Association of Dental Implantology UK (ADI) locally providing support to dentists who are involved with dental implants.

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