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If you’ve ever thought about how improving your smile could help you to feel more confident, Invisalign® might be for you.

Whether in your professional life or when you are out socialising, an attractive smile can make you feel happier and more relaxed – as well as making the right impression! With the Invisalign® technique you can have the smile you always wanted, without traditional, metal braces.

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Invisalign® – the clear choice for a straighter smile

Invisalign® can help to treat a variety of orthodontic concerns including teeth which are crooked, crowded or with gaps – but because it is clear, removable and comfortable, it won’t interfere with your life. Because it’s nearly invisible, almost no-one can tell you are wearing Invisalign®, so you can smile more during, as well as after, your treatment.

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Teeth AfterTeeth Before

Clear, removable, comfortable

You can remove Invisalign® so you can eat and drink what you like, and studies have shown that it can be better for your dental hygiene during treatment as well! With no metal or sharp edges, Invisalign® is comfortable to wear and does not cause allergies.

Your treatment with Invisalign®

Your treatment starts with a series of photographs, impressions and an x-ray which are submitted to Invisalign® orthodontic technicians scan the impressions and produce a digital representation of the treatment sequence which we can review with you, modify if needed and approve prior to the clear aligners being made. Each aligner is slightly different, moving your teeth gradually into the desired position. You wear each aligner for two weeks, before moving on to the next in the series. Treatment length will vary depending on your case, but the average Invisalign® treatment is eight to eighteen months. During treatment you will visit the practice at six to eight week intervals, until it is determined that your treatment is complete.

Nearly invisible treatment

Highly visible results

With Invisalign® you decide your treatment. Whether your smile needs a minor improvement or something more extensive, Invisalign® can work for you. Our treatment software allows you to see a model of the proposed treatment plan and discuss what is most important to you before you start. Invisalign® treatment can also be combined with restorative treatment as part of a total smile make-over programme at The Old Surgery Dental Practice.

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